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Why choose us? We are the tax experts.
I.K Accounting and taxation strategy and mision statement.
Why Us...
Do you need a certified and reliable accountant offering professional and personalized services ?
The answer is definitely "Yes" because every individual or any entity should be tax complaint.
Imran Khan's is the principal accountant at I.K Accounting, Taxation and Business Consulting Services. His focus started twenty seven years ago when he started his accounting career with Citibank. During this period of twenty seven years he has worked as a Management Accountant, Financial Analyst and Financial Controller for national and multi national entities. He has gained extensive experience in Tax compliance, due diligence audits, Management reporting, Financial Accounting, Financial Analysis and restructuring entities for mergers and acquisitions.
Unwavering emphasis on quality service led firm leadership to formally define its core values.
The values form the acronym "QUALITYS"
Q: Quality.
U: Understanding businesses and Markets
A: Accountability.
L: Lifelong learning.
I: Innovation and integrity.
T: Trust
Y: Can do attitude. Yes we do all for you
S: Professional and personalized services.
Accounting isn’t exactly a math field. It is more about problem-solving and working with others.
We believe that looking across the profession for ideas and best practices makes the difference. The services we provide, the way we provide those services—our focus on quality is much more defined because of our extensive experience.

Today's clients are more diversified and complex when compared to 20 years ago. Our staff is knowledgeable to help such clients. After all, client needs are different now from what they were in 1995.

Being responsive to clients’ changing needs is among the reasons the firm has been so successful. Technical updated knowledge is critical in this profession, especially as it relates to ever-changing regulations.

Professional and personalised services.

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