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  1. Super guarantee charge statement and calculator tool | Australian Taxation Office

    Use the super guarantee charge statement and calculator tool if you are late paying employee superannuation contributions to a super fund.

  2. Calculators and tools | Australian Taxation Office

    and tools Tax withheld calculator Your identity security - get help Individual income tax rates Business...and tools You can find our most popular calculators and tools listed here, or refine your search options...or tool you need....Private health insurance rebate calculator ATO app including myDeductions record-keeping tool Sort... Tools

  3. Record keeping evaluation tool | Australian Taxation Office

  4. Use this tool for advice about business records you need to keep and how well you keep them.

  5. GST property decision tool | Australian Taxation Office

    The GST property decision tool is an interactive tool. It will assist you to correctly treat and report GST on property-related transactions.

  6. Division 7A calculator and decision tool | Australian Taxation Office

    Determine if a direct transaction by a private company to a shareholder or their associate will be treated as an unfranked dividend under Division 7A, and work out repayment requirements on a complying loan.

  7. Business industry code tool | Australian Taxation Office

    The business industry code (BIC) tool helps you find the correct code to report on your tax return or schedule.

  8. Debt release tool | Australian Taxation Office

    Use the Debt Release Tool to determine if you are eligible for release and to access the application form from within the tool.

  9. Low income superannuation amount calculator | Australian Taxation Office

    The low income super contribution calculator (LISC) is a tool to help individuals estimate their LISC entitlement and eligibility.

  10. Capital gains tax record keeping tool | Australian Taxation Office

    This tool will help you with your capital gains tax calculations and record keeping.

  11. PAYG installment calculator | Australian Taxation Office.This calculator will help you work out your PAYG instalments for the current financial year. Enter your financial details for the year, including your estimated income and expenses, and the calculator provides an installment amount or rate based on your estimates.

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